meet melanie

I am the artist behind Melanie Acker photography. Yes, I say artist and not photographer because I approach every photograph I take as a piece of original artwork. Artwork that will forever preserve a special time in your life.

I have always considered myself to be a creative individual. There really is not much that I haven’t dabbled in . . . piano, embroidery, marketing, jewelry making, decorating; the list goes on & on. But, I never realized that I hadn't found that one artistic outlet that "moves me." That is, until I found photography. Do you know what "moves" you? If you didn’t immediately say, "YES," then you have to keep searching.

I like to say that photography found me. It wasn't until the birth of my children that I discovered photography was my passion. . . . and I haven’t looked back. I consider my style to be unconventional and strive to capture those natural moments that are unique to your child. I love the changing seasons of the midwest as it makes the perfect "studio" for me to work in.

I encourage you to browse through my galleries to look at my work and make sure that my style is a good fit for you. And I can't wait to hear from you!

photograph courtesy of Valerie Ott Photography